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Laravel 7 Tutorial - Blade templating

Laravel 7 Tutorial – Blade templating

Laravel Layout Files In laravel we can create layout files. Maily what a layout file is, It is a file where we call our libraries such as script and css files. And by extending layout file view files can get the access of scripts and css files called in layout file. Layout file yields content […]

laravel disqus integration guide plus example 2020

Hi, So today we are going to add Disqus in laravel application. So if you have a project ready where you want to add Disqus Commenting System. We can start here. Open the terminal and go to your project directory. Commands Shortcutscd box — will take you inside of box folder ls—will display the list […]


How to use laratrust in Laravel (ACL) [ Updated 2019]

Hi guys in this post we are going to add user roles and permissions using laratrust package (ACL) in our laravel application. We alreay setup laratrust package installation in another post you should check that first. Now we are going to seed roles to the database. Once roles are added we are going to attach […]

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