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Laravel 7 Tutorial - Web Routes

Laravel 7 Tutorial – Web Routes

Laravel Routes: In Laravel we can define routes. So when you want some page to load when user goes to some url. That’s where laravel routes come into play. For example if you want that on click of a link user should go to products page you will define a route “/products”. And in “Routes/web.php” […]

How To Create Vue Project Using CLI-NPM

How to create Vue js project using cli/npm | Updated 2020

Hi guys, today we are going to create a brand new Vue.js Project. So for creating a Vue project you should have a local server setup already. I have XAMPP install as local server. You might have XAMPP/WAMP/DOCKER etc. [ads] 1.Install Node Js In Your System So let’s begin first of all we need to […]

laravel disqus integration guide plus example 2020

Hi, So today we are going to add Disqus in laravel application. So if you have a project ready where you want to add Disqus Commenting System. We can start here. Open the terminal and go to your project directory. Commands Shortcutscd box — will take you inside of box folder ls—will display the list […]


How to use laratrust in Laravel (ACL) [ Updated 2019]

Hi guys in this post we are going to add user roles and permissions using laratrust package (ACL) in our laravel application. We alreay setup laratrust package installation in another post you should check that first. Now we are going to seed roles to the database. Once roles are added we are going to attach […]

HOW TO INSTALL PHP 7.3 ON MAC- [ Updated 2019 ]

HOW TO INSTALL PHP 7.3 ON MAC- [ Updated 2019 ]

We are going to install PHP 7.3 in MacOS .First of all we need to install “Home brew”.For that copy and paste below given command in terminal and hit Enter. [ads] ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" Once it is complete Run below given command just like before brew install php@7.3 It will take some time […]

Upload image using ajax in laravel 5.8

Upload image using ajax in laravel 5.8

So today we are going to upload form data with image using ajax in laravel. I expect that you know installation of laravel and basics of laravel already. If not the check this laravel guide first . Now check here how is uploading image and data will work once we are done. [ads] [ads] Zoom […]


how to add social login in laravel 5.8

Laravel is awesome framework. It makes things easier for us. Today we will install GitHub login system in our web app. And it is easy so lets see what outcome you will see. [ads] Creating new project in laravel So to start we must have a laravel project. To create a laravel project you need […]

How to setup laravel on macOS xampp 2019

How to setup laravel on macOS xampp 2019

So to setup laravel framework installation locally in macOS we need to follow few steps one by one .It should be pretty straightforward.So first of all install xampp for that go to¬† and download xampp 7 or latest. Installing Composer. Once installed run mysql and Apache. now we need to install composer as well from […]