how to change admin name windows 10

Changing Administrator name is important in windows computer. Administrator Account Administrator account has the power to change anything in computer delete, update or make new content in system files as well. It is safe to use guest account in general and only use administrator account when needed. One should have strong password set on administrator […]

How To Create Child Theme In Wordpress.

How To Create Child Theme In WordPress.

To Create WordPress child theme We Should Have A Parent Theme .For Example Look Below Given Picture: Now Once We Create Child Theme It Will Display Along With These Two Themes. So Therefore To Create Child Theme We First Decide Which Of Above Theme Should Be The Parent Theme. For Example Lets Say We Want […]

How To Create WordPress Theme

How to create wordpress theme step by step

Every now or then you will want to change WordPress theme. To have new theme you can go to Appearance/Themes Or can google . But what about if you want to create a theme in WordPress , Well its Super easy. We will be required 2 main files but i will explain in detail so […]

Must have 5 Plugins For WordPress Website 2019

WordPress CMS comes with many paid and free plugins, Plugins help us in our website to make things right in many area ,Today we will talk about 5 plugins those are so important for your website , so lets get started : While we create website , we want to make sure that all of […]

How to install WordPress CMS

So today are going to setup wordpress on our localhost or machine. Setting up WP CMS is easy first you need to go to , so download the zip file. WordPress version 5 is already here so you can download that but in this guide we install version 4. Process of installation is same. […]

Easiest way to add custom post type in WordPress

Today we will create a custom post type in wordpress Working as WordPress developer requires a lot of skills and knowledge of all WordPress components , Even if you are not professional you might face a point of time where you might want to add custom post type in your website.I will explain in easy […]

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