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PayPal server side integration Laravel & VueJS [ Easiest Way ][ Updated 2019 ]

So today we are going to integrate Paypal into our laravel-Vuejs project. Here is the demo [ads] So to install Paypal SDK in laravel you can use Check [ads] Below given command will work, Make sure you have composer and nodejs installed before running this command. composer require paypal/rest-api-sdk-php:* You can include a link in […]

Login with username or email Laravel

We are going to see the controller on how to match data in a database using user input. $nameOremail is the user input, We are passing it as an argument into controller function. export default { name:'Login', data:function(){ return { form:{ nameEmail:'', password:'', }, errors:{ message:[] } } }, methods:{ processUser(){ if(this.errors.message.length>0){ this.errors.message.length = 0; […]