How to create a custom theme in WordPress | Step by step

How to create custom theme in WordPress

How to create a custom theme in WordPress | Step by step

WordPress is a popular CMS (Content Management System). If you have a WordPress website. I believe at any point in time you might have wondered how we can create a custom theme.

So out of the box, WordPress provides us few free themes and we can even download more free themes if we want but what if you want to add some custom features to your theme for your business or any project you have innovative thoughts in mind.

Let’s see how we create a theme from scratch

So WordPress has all themes stored in the “wp-content/themes” folder. In the same directory, you can create a folder and give that folder name as your theme name. So let’s say we want to create a theme called “sky”. So folder should be created as “wp-content/themes/sky”.

Defining a theme

To create a basic theme you need 3 files “index.php”, “style.css”, and “screenshot.png”. In style.css file we can define theme details as theme version, theme author etc.

have a look

Theme Name: Sky
Author: Manu
Author URI:
Version: 1.0
Description: Awesome Theme
// More options can be added here as given above

Check our Video guide for step by step explanation

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