Login system in PHP and mysqli

Login system in php source code For Beginners

Login system in PHP and mysqli

Today we are going to explore how to. create a login system using PHP. I have divided this post to 3 parts.

  1. We are going to set up our application and register the user.
  2. We are going to log out of the user and end-user session.
  3. And finally, we are going to log in using registered user details.

Note code used is available for download. It is a complete login system code.


Register the user.

In this part we are going to setup the local environment and then create a “users” table in database you will have to see below given tutorial to get the idea how things work.

So if you followed the tutorial you should have a working registering user functionality. Now let’s log out the user and see how to destroy the session and display data accordingly when the user logged out.

Logout user

In this video we are going to create logout page where we will destroy all user sessions and redirect to desired page after logout complete.

Login user using php and mysqli

So we are here now we are going to see how to set up a login. We already saw how to create a user account using PHP and MySQL. logging the user out and destroy sessions. Now let’s see how to let a user logged in to a registered account

So here we have a basic login system in PHP for beginners. You can download the code used in these tutorials from here. Hope you liked Subscribe us on Youtube