Prevent hair loss and hair thinning

Prevent hair loss and hair thinning

Hair loss can be traumatic for anyone. it depends on our daily lifestyle habits. other causes of hair loss can be medical conditions hormonal changes, thyroid conditions, iron deficiency anemia, and even genetic. you should see a doctor if your hair loss cause of medical conditions. there is no quick remedy for hair loss but a healthy lifestyle like a proper diet and reducing stress can help in reducing hair loss.

clean diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is crucial to slow down hair loss. the body needs protein and iron to grow new hair. Foods like fish, beans, lean meat, nut, berries, eggs, and leafy vegetables should be included in your daily diet. some dietary iron sources include spinach, pumpkin seeds, lean beef, turkey, clams, and white beans. try to add 2-3 fruits a day in your diet. as they are rich with vitamins and minerals.

Scalp Massage

giving a massage to the scalp stimulate blood flow, which could help encourage hair growth. you can use oil to massage your scalp (with soft hands) it nourishes the roots. massaging your hair once a week with oil (coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, argan oil, and moringa oil) that suit your scalp. leave it oil in your hair for 20-30mins and shampoo and use conditioner.

Quit Smoking

As we all know smoking is bad for health. smoking habits not only damage overall health but also triggers hair loss. It damages the DNA of hair follicles and disrupts hair growth. try to quit smoking for better health and good hair.

Reduce Stress

Stress is another reason for health problems and including hair loss. try to reduce stress and indulge in regular exercise, doing yoga, meditating, and listening to your favorite music. (Getting enough sleep is also important )

Avoid Over Styling

we all know hair styling is part of our daily life. but excessive use of blow dry, hot curling, or straightening iron can damage the hair follicle. it can damage the locks and also weaken the roots. overuse of chemicals ( perming or permanent hair straightening ), bleach, and color can affect hair growth. Avoid doing chemical services at home, seek help from a trained professional. try to limit the use of heat styling tools and use with necessary precautions.