Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Ti worth it ? (2020)

Nvidia geforce rtx 2080ti worth it

Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Ti worth it ? (2020)

So today we examine if the Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080ti is worth the money. In the first glance this is quite a hard question as Nvidia RTX2080Ti is the top end Graphics card that the money can buy today.

It provides 11gb of video ram with GDDR6 speed. Any game will run smoothly on Nvidia RTX2080Ti without any problem but on the other hand . It is the most expensive graphics card and that much of Video Ram is still to much for many games.

Nvidia RTX2080Ti We get 60FPS in Most of the high-end games. With highest settings possible. You also can use Ray Tracing ( It is a rendering technique which produces incredibly realistic lighting effects in games.)

Nvidia vs AMD

Nvidia RTX2080Ti incredible performance boost 25-40% in comparison of Nvidia’s biggest competitor’s best Graphics card (AMD RX5700 XT). Which is a 8GB GDDR 6 Graphics card. If we do not take the price into account then it is a worthy successor . RTX 2080 Ti (starting at $999) and AMD RX 5700 XT at $450.


If you are a hackintosh fan then Nvidia RTX2080Ti is not for you as you cannot install macOS catalina and macOS big sur. On Nvidia RTX2080Ti but you can install it on AMD RX 5700 XT. Basically macOS do not support nvidia graphics for most graphics cards. and that is the reason you will face hard time if you expect hackitosh system built with Nvidia RTX2080Ti.

You can read more about which GPU is best for Hackintosh here. Most AMD GPU are support in general.

Why Nvidia RTX2080Ti is expensive

Nvidia RTX2080Ti chip has 18 billion transistors, where Nvidia GTX1080Ti has 12 billion. Transistors were used to add more traditional resources to the chip. RTX is doing raytracing, HDR processing, and AI components doing the DSLL account. Because of use of large increase of transistors lead to increase the size of chip and increased the cost as well.


Nvidia RTX2080Ti is a great GPU. If you want the best performance and you do not give much concern to price then go ahead and buy the beast. But if you want a budget GPU then Nvidia RTX2080Ti is not a right fit as you can go for many other good options and can save dollars as well.

GPUAMD 1st OptionAMD 2nd OptionNvidia 1st OptionNvidia 2nd Option
ProductRadeon RX 5700 XT Radeon RX 5500 XTRTX 2060 SuperGeForce GTX 1650 SUPER
Stream Processors2‎5601‎40816501725
Process Technology7‎ nm7‎ nm12nm
Memory Bus2‎56 bit1‎28 bit256-bit128-bit
Memory Size8‎ GB8‎ GB8 GB4GB
Recommended PSU6‎00W450W500W450W

You can do more research according to your needs and can look for the graphics card you need. Do let us know which graphics card you have or you are going to upgrade to.