How to optimize windows 10 for gaming 2020

How to optimize windows 10 for gaming 2020

How to optimize windows 10 for gaming 2020

Hi today we are going to optimize our windows 10 so we can have maximum performance boost. Our goal is to run games and get more fps (Frame per Seconds) By making our windows 10 faster.

How to Improve Gaming Performance in Easy Steps

Here are few easy steps to increase the performance of your windows as well as games.

Use Game Mode Windows 10

You can enable game mode in windows 10 by pressing key + I, type “game mode” in the search box and click Control Game Mode for optimizing your PC for games. It will open a menu where you need to click on Game Mode.

Do Windows Cleanup

You can follow this guide

So the most easy way to cleanup your windows is by using cleaner. It’s a free tool that does alot of things whithout making our system slow. You can download it from here

We are not promoting CCleaner it is it self very good thats why we recommend to people with slow computer to use it.

Switch to ssd

Switching from HDD to SSD will reduce loading times significantly, You might feel you computer is not slow anymore. SSDs are expensive as compare to HDDs. But there is benefit when you are concerned about performance. You should have your operating system installed in SSD.
So if you cannot upgrade to big ssd such as (1TB or 2TB) at this time. You can have small size SSD such as 256gb and can install windows on it and can have games installed in HDD. If will improve the loading and processing time significantly.

Active Hours Can Slow Your System

So when you use computer, You should make sure that windows is not updating during the same time or not processing any tasks that can be done later on. You can set active Hours and windows will do those tasks on other times. It will free up some ram and you won’t face any gaming disturbance.

You Can Change active hours, By hitting Windows key + I, then go to Update & Security and go in Change active hours. Here you can set up to 18 active hours.

Change Your Visual Effects Settings

Windows 10 has many visual effects in user interface. These effects feed on system ram and can slow system down. You should uncheck all these effects and can boost your system. To change these settings you need to again Hit Windows key + I. Then type “Performance” and select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.

System Configuration Check

Today in year 2020, Our systems can be very complicated when it comes to check which game can run on which configuration. But for the most games you can use the recommended configuration.

Which is use A CPU with at-least 4 cores and made 2015 or later ( Can be a i3,i5,i7 or AMD Ryzen). Ram in your system can be 8GB for gaming but 16 is recommended. and About GPU(Graphics card). You Should have at least 4gb GDDR5 graphics card. This system can run most games. But if you system is older than recommended then you might face problems running games.


These are the few Important steps you can take to make your system faster and can gain improvement in gaming as well. Dow share your thoughts and the ideas if perform any other steps to make your system up.