What is email marketing and how does it work -Step by step

What is email marketing and how does it work -Step by step

Are you considering to make a email list, But don’t know what it is and what benefits it will bring to your business. Many bloggers and website owners do not realise that it can boost their earnings by having email list. Lets see what email list is and how it works.First thing first.

What is an Email List ?

Email list is mainly a list of names and email address of people who gave you permission to send them updates and promotions. You can send bulk email to these people using any marketing software. You can notify them any update on your website ,new product arrivals and updates of blog posts etc.

What other say about email list

Many expert marketers admit their biggest mistake was not building an email list when they were new in the business.

Marketing Strategy

We have been asked many times isn’t email marketing is going down with social media taking taking its place ?.But it is not true if you look at this case with different point of view as Twitter and Facebook ask you to register and provide email address and they get it validated further you get notifications and per-motion messages on your mail from these social media giants. So if they are using emails for more business why not you using it in your business.

Lets see, How to make email list


Building an email list is so vital, and why ignoring it can be a HUGE mistake. You need to have a source, From where you can get email addresses  of users such as a website.Its important to get email addresses of your users asking them on registration ,Convenience them to allow you to use email address.

Once you have email addresses ready next step to use a marketing tool with will help us to send emails to our user and it should be done with schedule.

Email marketing service


So there are many companies providing email marketing services. Some of famous marketing companies are listed below.

For small business Constant Contact is very good option.They are on of the largest email marketing services in the world. If you have wordpress website you can use plugins for this as well.

Process mainly involves registering with Email marketing Service company and then decide type of Email Template that you can use for your business. You should opt email marketing if you are serious about your business.