how to change admin name windows 10


how to change admin name windows 10

Changing Administrator name is important in windows computer.

Administrator Account

Administrator account has the power to change anything in computer delete, update or make new content in system files as well. It is safe to use guest account in general and only use administrator account when needed. One should have strong password set on administrator account as it can be unsafe in some cases. Companies and Organisations usually set guest account on systems where employees do their work. Employee get access to admin details in presence of senior.

So what is you want to change administrator account name .Follow the guide and change administrator account name.This guide will help you changing administrator name using windows 10. But same method can be used on other variants.

Changing the name of administrator in windows 10.

    1. Press and hold windows key on your keyboard button then press “R” button ,it should open run screen.
    2. Right click on windows icon and then click on run option.As shown below


Type in run field “netplwiz” and press enter key.This will open a new window as given below


arrow empire

You can see admin user name there and by going into properties button you can update it.

After changing admin name you will need to restart your computer so that it can take effect.

Remember : Do take backup of your data before Changing Administrator Name ,If something goes wrong change admin name back to original nameĀ 

All is done by now, For any further discussion or questions please leave your comments.