How To Create Child Theme In Wordpress.

How To Create Child Theme In Wordpress.

How To Create Child Theme In WordPress.

To Create WordPress child theme We Should Have A Parent Theme .For Example Look Below Given Picture:

Now Once We Create Child Theme It Will Display Along With These Two Themes. So Therefore To Create Child Theme We First Decide Which Of Above Theme Should Be The Parent Theme.

For Example Lets Say We Want to Create Child Theme For

“Twenty Nineteen Theme” So We Create A New Folder As Given Below :

Folder Name [ Child Theme Folder Name ] Should Be Parent Theme Name Followed By Keyword “-child.”

So In This Case Child Theme Folder Name Would Be “twentynineteen-child” And We Create A “style.css” File In It.

File “style.css” Now In This File We Need To Add Some Comments To Register Our Child Theme ,Have A look Below :

Theme Name: Twenty Nineteen Child
Theme URI:
Description: A Twenty Nineteen child theme
Author: Arrowempire
Author URI:
Template: twentynineteen
Version: 1.0.0

Theme Name Could Be Any Thing Or Name You Want Followed By “Child”

And The Theme Name You Can See Above Its Is ”
Twenty Nineteen Child “.

Author , Author URI , Description , Version And
License Could Be Anything According To Your Requirements But.

Template : Its Should Be The Name Of Parent Theme . All Lowercase .

At This Point We Need To Import The style.css From The Parent Theme So We Add This Line Just Below The Above Mentioned Comment.

@import url(“../twentynineteen/style.css”);

This Line Will Go Out Of Present Child Theme Folder And Will Get The style.css From Parent Theme Folder.

Now You Will See Your New Child Theme Ready Select It As Default theme And Use It .

How To Create Child Theme In WordPress