How to install Wordpress CMS

How to install WordPress CMS

So today are going to setup wordpress on our localhost or machine. Setting up WP CMS is easy first you need to go to , so download the zip file. WordPress version 5 is already here so you can download that but in this guide we install version 4. Process of installation is same.

Download and extract the zip file. Then you should get a folder , Copy and paste this folder to

1: localhost : c drive /xamp /htdocs/wordpress

2: mac : applications / xamp /htdocs/wordpress

on live server you need to use filezilla which is program that uploads your files to server.

Now in browser go to address bar and type “localhost/wordpress”.

the first page that you see it will look like below given  image

so select language and click continue. Now in browser open new tab and type “localhost/phpmyadmin”. It will show you a page where you can create a database, for now we create with the name “wordpress” as database.

once you click create as given in above image you will see database just in the list left side then stop. We  do not need to create any tables in database it will be done automatically . Now go back to “localhost” you will see something like this

After clicking “Let’s go!” button you will get

Here we need to add database name that we created above.
On localhost by default username set to “root” and password set to ” empty field”.You can change username and password from “localhost/phpmyadmin” page.

Database host stays localhost in both local and live servers. At last table prefix will add prefix in each table of our database that will make it more secure.

For this post username will be “admin” and password also will be “admin”.

you can set any username and password, Table prefix and database name changes Here

add url ->” localhost/wordpress” or “you website/wordpress”, you will see below content

Next page you will see as below

You can see Username and password set as admin. So finaly you can login and can start developing website.